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ras992 said: I always say fuck everybody, doesn't matter your country..

true, because it’s not the country that matters, it’s more the religion.

dreamside-vagabond replied to your post: dreamside-vagabond said:Fuck em b…

Just a matter of who kills america first McDonald’s Politicians Right wing civilians Honestly theyre not very different there are too many of all of them and theyre all full of shit Hats off to whoever finally does it tho

I doubt somebody has to do anything. It started already, don’t you see? More and more wars are starting and we are a highly advanced civilization by now. And it will collapse at one point. I just hope I’m still alive when it happens so I can see the world burn.

dreamside-vagabond said: Fuck em both kill everybody

humanity is lost anyway. 

Earth will be fine, the people are fucked

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