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michael-nugget-of-sex-clifford said: Is it weird to say you have really nice boobs?!?! Xx

No, although I don’t like them at all, but glad you do haha xx


May I introduce you… Monteverde Angel or Angel of the Resurrection. It is the name given to a beautiful marble statue of 1882 that guards the tomb of the Oneto family in the cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa (Italy). It is one of the most famous works of sculptor Giulio Monteverde.

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Anonymous said: EAT SOME FOOD!!!


Anonymous said: are you comfortable in your body?

By now I am very much, yes. It used to be different when I was younger. But by time I learned how to love my own body with all it’s imperfections and now I’m just very happy for what I got :)

im-a-dragon-youre-a-wh0re said: Oh gosh your body makes me sad, you're so perfect!

It’s not perfect, It’s just very painful posing…I got horrible sore muscles after every shooting and it’s quite exhausting to look like that hahaha

Gonna pick up Samuli in a moment from the main station, I’m kinda very happy that the trip to Ukraine went alright :D What a great timing to play a festival show hahaha :D

Vallarmorghulis Sunday mini awards

Ok folks, since we are all bored, let me give you some promos


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Anonymous said: Post some nudes? xoxo

Have one from last week just becaue you asked nice :)

elma-elsch replied to your post: anonymous said:Ahh.. I have a gir…

Would you consider shooting with another female model? I imagine the results to be really stunning. Sorry, I just love beautiful and unique women. :)

Of course I would, I already did a lot of G/G Shoots, but it’s usually not something I’d publish on my tumblr :D *cough

This though, is. The other girl is Nancy and we used to be showgirls in the same nightclub.

Anonymous said: How old r you?


Anonymous said: Ahh.. I have a girl crush on you. And I secretly dream of doing a photo shooting together with you. <3

I’m smiling like an idiot :D